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Small Business Cyber Security Guide

If you know someone responsible for technology or business operations, share this with them.   The Australian Cyber Security Centre published an excellent summary of the cyber-security considerations that small businesses need to be concerned with.  The same principles and considerations affect businesses in Canada and the United States.  If you're responsible for technology in your..
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Securing your valuable information keeps getting more difficult. Deep Fake’s are a new reality everyone should be aware of. This CBC article (linked above) on “Deep Fakes” is a very interesting read, and Deep Fakes are something we should all be aware of. This concept feels like a derivative of social engineering, but it goes much deeper than researching a potential target and using some of their available information and social media against..

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Why Do People Create Computer Viruses and Malware?

Ever wondered why people create and distribute computer viruses, malware, and the like?  An article written by Dancho Danchev, describes the value in it for the folks that create and distribute malware. Note:  This article doesn’t talk about the recent trend of ransom-ware, which could be distributed via malware and the services described in the article. ..

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