I hope this finds you well and that 2016 has been a banner year for you and your business. With the volumes of information on the Internet, it’s very easy to miss quality information that may help to serve your business for the better. Below is a group of select business & tech articles we found valuable, and will be sharing similar articles on a monthly basis. Our team values your business and considers that great information should be shared for the benefit of all.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season, filled with peace & joy.

Robert Thompson
Common Attitudes and Habits of Successful People
Jeff Haden, Inc.
Many people assume that successful people are successful because they have something most of us don’t have.  But according to an Inc. columnist, the primary difference is that successful people are willing to do something most people won’t do.

3 Scientifically-proven Tweaks for a More Effective Homepage
Roger Dooley, Neuromarketing
Every company wants a better homepage that brings you more business, but companies sometimes focus on the wrong areas.  Scientific studies show that three ways you can make your homepage more effective is that people will understand your value proposition better if you focus on the value proposition and limit other elements on the web page; providing photo testimonials and high profile logos are extremely effective; and including hand-drawn visual elements (like an arrow) work best to guide user attention.  Learn more about the fascinating science behind this, and how you can use these principles to improve your own home page.

Increase your Website’s Conversion Rates
Lindsay Kolowich, Moz
If you’re trying to generate leads from your website, it’s important not only to capture people’s attention but also to capture it in a way that makes people want to learn more from you.  When you constantly use the same lead generation tactics it quickly becomes white noise, but a call-to-action that fits into the context of what a person is already doing is smart marketing.  Learn 5 ideas to help you increase your website’s conversion rates.
Data Analysis Helps you Beat the Competition
Deren Baker, Entrepreneur
Deren Baker, the CEO of data analytics company Jumpshot, has found that many companies simply collect every bit of data they can about current/potential customers and their buying habits rather than collecting the right data and analyzing it effectively.  As a result, they often focus on metrics that provide little valuable information.  In this article, Baker explains why real-time customer behavior and web activity are two of the most important data sets to analyze, and gives four ways to effectively utilize this data.
Simple Tips for Convincing Skeptical Buyers
Beth Hayden, Copyblogger
When you write proposals to current/potential customers, it’s important to include proof that you can do what you say you’re going to do. Learn six persuasive techniques for showing proof the next time you need to convince a prospect that you can get results.
Hold, I Got This
Algorithm allows humanoid robot to walk over partial footholds
Matrix Explains Leadership
Understanding good versus great leadership
Look Ma, No Checkout Lines 
Amazon Store will replace checkout lines with sensor