February 2017

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I hope this finds you well. With the volumes of information on the Internet, it’s very easy to miss quality information that may help to serve your business for the better. Below is a group of select articles we found valuable and will be sharing similar articles on a monthly basis. Our team values your business and considers that great information should be shared for the benefit of all. So as we find great information, you will be in the know as well.

From a company perspective, we are now providing 24/7 technical support via our help desk, to clients who are signed up on one of our monthly support packages.  This allows us to delivery far superior response & resolutions times on technical support issues, at about the same cost that clients were paying before.  Our support packages also include addtional security & business continuity services, software patching, automation of repeated tasks, 24/7 monitoring of critical assets, and much more for our clients.

Robert Thompson – Owner/Operator
Americans Would Prefer a Robot Boss vs. a Human Boss
Kris Ostergaard, SingularityHub
A new study shows that current technologies could automate 45% of job activities. The surprising result is that more people than you would think are open to working with or for unbiased computer programs (a software robot that makes decisions solely based on data and is not affected by the personal, social and cultural bias that influences human decision making).  In the US, 32% agree they would prefer their workplace to be managed by an unbiased computer program. Learn why this number is higher in the US than other countries.
How to Handle Negative Feedback on a Presentation
Minda Zetlin, Inc.
Many of us have given what we thought was an effective presentation, only to be told by someone that we missed the mark.  What’s the best way to handle this?  In this informative article, dozens of speakers were asked that question and gave their insight on the best way to handle this situation.  These are great pearls of wisdoms on how to address a difficult situation.
Could This Health Care Start-up Change the Medical Industry?
Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review
What if someone told you that for $149/month, you could see the doctor as often as you wanted?  A new start-up in San Francisco is doing just that.  The company uses technology to provide you a variety of services such as vaccines, blood tests, etc. with data gathered both at the office and home, all designed to get people to visit the doctor more often and thereby warding off some problems before they occur.
How Employee Burnout Became an Epidemic
Lydia Dishman, Fast Company
Are you worried about employee burnout? It’s becoming more prevalent, and a recent study showed that 46% of HR professionals blame burnout for up to half of their staff quitting each year. Learn 3 factors that HR managers believe contribute to burnout, and what role technology can play in combatting this growing epidemic.
15 Neuromarketing Tips To Hack Into the Minds of Buyers
Larry G. Maguire, CoSchedule
Research shows verifiable behavioral patterns that people use when they are deciding whether to buy something.  The color you choose, the font you choose, how you lay out your content, and the emotion you bring out are just some of the aspects you can control that may be the deciding factor in whether a potential client becomes an actual client.  Learn 15 different tips you can incorporate into your business to potentially increase sales.
Hey, Can You Hear Me Now
Adobe creates a means to replicate your voice just by typing
Smart Dust is Coming
Technology on a grain of sand? It’s already here.
Part-time Football Players 
Football has a new most valuable player
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