The world’s largest government agencies and companies couldn’t prevent the WannaCrypt Ransomware virus.



Over the weekend, the world experienced one of the most severe ransomware outbreaks in history, with businesses of all sizes in over 150 countries impacted. As ransomware becomes a household name, one thing is for certain: Global cyber-security has reached a moment of emergency.


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What happens if your systems get encrypted with Ransom-ware, like WannaCry?  What things do you need to consider?

  1. Pay the ransom and HOPE you get your files back.  (1/3 of the time, the criminals don’t give you your data back, even if you pay them).
  2. Spend days downloading your latest cloud backup or download a local backup and hope that it also doesn’t get encrypted when you connect it to your network.
  3. Re-build all your computers and servers from scratch.
  4. Do you know where all your software discs and license keys are?


Get your business ready for what’s to come, with the proper security tools.  Your IT Support Provider should offer the following as standard practice:

  1. Install a data backup and disaster recovery solution.
  2. Deploy urgent/critical/security Microsoft patches every day.  –> Be diligent in patching your systems with the Microsoft MS17-010 security patch, so they don’t spread the WannaCry virus to their fellow systems.
  3. Monitor and act on the anti-virus alerts.



* If your IT Support Provider doesn’t provide the services above, please contact us at Tech Fuel and we will be happy to find a local provider for you anywhere in North America.